You, me, we and us, were our future, now that future is here. We did a pretty great job, however, there was a shift. A transition wherein the road we had created was changed. Changed for the worse, in that;

  1. Children became parents, in that a lot were abandoned.
  2. Drug abuse at an all time high.
  3. Massive Incarceration.
  4. Parents fearing children.
  5. Children not respecting adults.
  6. Children having no value for human life.
  7. Children having children.
  8. Crack children.
  9. Children wanting fast money from;
    1. Drug sales.
    2. Prostituting themselves.
    3. Criminal enterprises.
    4. Gang membership.
  10. Children listening only to the advice of them self and other children. I have identified them as Generation X. A lost tribe. Generation X lives for the moment, in that they do not expect to live long. Generation X has no purpose in life, other than to enjoy now.

Enjoying now means:

  1. They place no value on education.
  2. They have no vision for the future:
  3. They have no relationship with God.
  4. Their music is full of drugs, sex and murder.
  5. Their higher authority is, membership or association with a gang, Bloods, Crips, or Latin kings.
  6. The word love is rarely used.
  7. Identity crisis of, are they a male or female.
  8. They have a high suicide and homicide rate.
  9. For them, there is no tomorrow, only now.

In order to counteract, the impact Generation X has had on the progressive process God intended us to have that God perfectly set into place, we must prioritize and focus on the babies yet to be born. I call them Generation Z.

Generation Z will provide the balance and electrical charge we need to counteract the demonic presence that had its way with generation X. God is not allowing Satan to affect Generation Z. Generation Z is yet to be born, however, their presence in the supernatural realm is here and preparation must be made in the natural realm to receive them. Generation Z is God's antidote to Generation X.

We must be honest with ourselves that a change must be made in our society with the babies that are being born, that turn into older children, teenagers and young adults. Ultimately the people that planet Earth is comprised of.

Because we are in possession of this knowledge, we can influence those babies yet to be born to be positive and productive members of our society with purpose in their lives. A purpose to contribute positivity to planet Earth and the human race, beginning with them self, Generation Z.

In order for Generation Z to be programmed for greatness, and to counteract the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical world of Generation X, they will need help from those of us that are already here. We must do our part to help with the future babies, children, teenagers and adults of planet Earth.

Generation X presently has our planet with an all time high of drug abuse, kids killing kids, police killing people, corrupt politicians, sexually corrupt clergy, identity crisis, women born a woman wanting to be a man, and men being born men wanting to be a woman.

Single parents, massive incarceration of Afro American men, distortion of their body through piercing and tattoos, disbelief in the existence of God, police corruption, children raising parents, parents fearing their children, unjust legal system, racist, unjust and prejudice banking system, failed education system, a prejudice corporate and political system.